Final Fairground's 

bio and history


Final Fairground is an American hard rock band from a small town in southeast TN with 2 singles "Little Mutant" and "Swamp Man" released in late 2019, followed by their album release for Freak in September of 2020. Formed by lead singer/songwriter/ lead guitarist, Tony Holquin with band members Thomas Rose (Drummer) and Jo weaver (Bassist). The drive of this band was influenced by big well-known bands like Black Sabbath, System of a down, Opeth, and Tool.


Final Fairground was formed in 2017 by the lead singer/songwriter and guitarist Tony Holquin, Thomas Rose on Drums, and Joe Joe on Bass. The band's first members were Drew Howard on rhythm and Josh Williams for the drummer. While the band only played one show with the first members of the band. The band lasted about a year before the first members decided to disband. Jo Jo came along shortly after the disbanding of the others with the synced rhythm and compatible riffs with experience from his other bands. Tony and Jo were looking for Drummers and going through so many, but they finally found a local drummer and friend, Thomas Rose. Rose had had years of experience such as drum core and jamming with the church band.

      Final Fairground released their first single in August 2019, Little Mutant, with song length being 4 minutes and 37 seconds. Little Mutant was the first song written by Tony Holquin, for Final Fairground. The expression of the song is about being teased and bullied by others as a child, being overweight, and having a different view of the world than everybody else.

     Their second single released is the song, Swamp Man. Swamp Man is an original piece about women who understand their circumstances in a relationship and are unhappy but are unwilling to change their circumstances. They know that there is another man who would treat them better than the relationship they are in now, but nothing changes. "Swamp Man" symbolizes a man who would give the world and his time to someone he knows is special, but she doesn't pay attention because of the way he looks.

     Final Fairground's debut album "Freak" will be released on September 12, 2020, with 11 tracks including the 2 singles. Following the album, the band will release a music video celebrating the release of the album.


The Album Freak is in relation to people who feel like outcasts and humans who were a site for entertainment back in the early 1900s due to their deformities. In the 1900s the term "sideshow" was a word to bring people together to encounter the amazing wonders of the world who were known as Freaks. Though they were sought for there incredible unhuman like abilities some were sought just by the color of their skin or even an old injury.

      The album also regulates to Tonys personal life and the experiences that he'd gone through with is Mother, Death in the family, school bullies, and parents' divorce.